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The Voyage to s/v Our Nest's new home, Ocean Gate Marina and Boat Yard on Toms River, NJ

Day 1

from White Rocks Marina, Pasadena, MD to Salem Nuclear Plant on the Delaware, of the NJ side of the bay.

Robin, Bob Cole and I left on Tuesday, May 21st. The sky was overcast...

Robin made lunch for us. Finger foods, nice and easy. We would sail until the winds died down, then we would motor sail.

On the C&D canal. Who said I couldn't railfan on a sailboat...

Sunset on Delaware Bay just off the Salem nuclear plant. Great first day. We made our destination. Bob Cole, my longest friend and sailing mentor is making a point while I snapped this. Robin is below making salad for dinner after some peel and eat jumbo shrimp.

Day 2

from Salem Nuclear Plant on the Delaware, of the NJ side of the bay to Cape May Harbor.

Robin took this of me at the wheel. Actually, I am just watching the depth gauge and monitoring the autopilot while looking for the next channel marker. Weather better with good wind. The current carried us down the Delaware for most of the trip. At times we were making 7 knots over ground.

We talked to the Lewes Ferry as they passed us...

Robin checking the trim of the mainsail right before we went around Cape May Point. The direction of the wind will change as the round the point, it is getting a bit colder too. At this point everyone was wearing lifejackets.

Rounding Cape May. You can see the light house. An hour from here we will be at the point. We felt a bump and our electronics went dead. No more depth gauge and autopilot. Once through the inlet we asked a CG small cutter if we had enough depth to anchor by the CG station. Robin and I anchored for the first time in 35 years. Sure glad Bob was onboard for this trip.

Day 3

from Cape May Harbor to Utsch's Marina, Cape May, NJ

As we leave our anchorage we pass the CG station. The smaller boat is the one we hailed last evening (veal stroganoff for dinner). Bob found a blown fuse. We ended up borrowing a fuse from the stereo. The weather is not so good in the Ocean today with wind gusts in the 30s and 6' swells predicted. We headed to Utsch's Marina in Cape May. They had a slip for us. Showers and lunch at Lucky Bones was up next. We did laundry and that evening said goodbye to Bob. It was nice to see Karen Cole again. Bob sure is a lucky guy....

Day 4

Cape May to....well Cape May...

Still at Utsch's Marina waiting for the weather to change. It was calm and overcast in the morning. But that soon changed to gale wind warnings in the Ocean. Next to us is the Kokomo that pulled in the day before. They were going to Barnegat Inlet too, but were forced to wait for better weather too...

Robin and I walked to the Acme about 1.5 mile away to stock up. We found this most interesting Dutch Colonial, Robin's Favorite house. We wondered if the owners were related to our close long time friend, Vic...

Later that evening we were visited by Colin and Joanna on their way to Williamsburg, VA. They were taking the Lewes Ferry the next day which was also Colin's 28th birthday. They had dinner with us and slept in the forward "vee" berth.

Day 5

Colin and Joanna woke at 5:30 to get ready for the 6:30 ferry. We wished Colin Happy Birthday and waved as they left. They came back and few minutes later as they were told that the 6:30 ferry was cancelled due to the high wind, but to come back at 7 for the 7:30 ferry. Robin cooked them breakfast and they left again. They ended up driving all the way to Williamsburg as all ferries that day were cancelled.

We walked some more the following day and found this 30's era Packard pickup truck. Very nicely restored. Tony's Marine Supply is where our dingy outboard was being repaired. The 4 hp. Johnson did not like to keep running once warm. It is still there waiting for parts...

Day 6

The weather finally broke on Sunday afternoon. The Kokomo took advantage of the nice weather and headed out. We cannot sail as fast so we waited to leave early the next day.

Why couldn't it have been this calm 4 days ago. The wind finally stopped late Sunday afternoon.

Two surprises in one weekend. But this time, I had my camera ready. Colin and Joanna join us for a late night snack...

Day 7

Cape May Harbor to Brigantine Creek

What a great day. We were making 6 knots over ground about mid day off Sea Isle, NJ. I am guessing we were 4 miles off shore and the current added to the water speed.

What could be better than having your childhood friend cross your bow and to top it off with a one cannon salute... Bob Cole's Dream On met us off of AC...

< Bob paced us for a while, gave some more sailing tips and then headed east. It was too cool to see my old friend again./p>

AC seen from Absecon Inlet. Big hotels blocking the wind and not helping the chop as it whips around.

I am thinking Robin would rather be stuck in Cape May instead of stuck on the bottom of Brigantine in this tiny channel. A local showed up in a kayak to let us know it was the lowest tide he has seen in 5 years. A pair of angels showed up in a rubber dingy and pushed us to deeper water as the tide came in. We were very grateful. We anchored a few 100 feet away from here to end another day.

Day 8

Brigantine Creek to Ocean Gate, NJ

Two terns kept watch over us all night as we anchored close to this no wake buoy.

We passed the Flagship Hotel in AC as we went out Absecon Inlet. Nice image of the old and the new of AC. The lighthouse was once the tallest thing in AC is now dwarfed by the hotels. We stayed here with Tris and Colin once when they were teenagers....

Rain, rain, go away... Off of Long Beach Island looking for old Barney (Barnegat Light)...

Bob Cole asked our position in Barnegat Bay, so I took this image of the charts and messaged him

Home at last, of course not before we ran aground right in front of the marina. And I was in the tiny channel. Next time, stay closer to the green barrels...




....the second phase of the journey begins as we put our house of the last 34 years up for sale. Our neighbor Tony Jones of Re/Max Diamond Realtors, placed out house on the market on Feb 11th.

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